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DIY Jewelry pieces

15 DIY Jewelry Pieces you will Love

Buying jewelry can be so expensive and sometimes you can’t find just what you are looking for in the stores. Here are 15 DIY Jewelry Pieces you will Love. Rings, Bracelets and more. Fun for girls of all ages to make.

1. These Drop Earrings are Beautiful, you could make so many different colors and styles.


2. I am loving these Cord and Pearl Bracelets. They are so simple to make.

3. I think these Wrap Bangle Bracelets are so fun, I can’t wait to give them a try.


4. These Pendant Necklaces would be so fun to make and would be a great gift.


5. How Beautiful is this Braided Wire Bracelet? I love all the colors.


6. I love the look of Fringe Earrings, I can’t wait to make my own now. Yay!



8. I am a huge fan of Druzy Earrings, this is great that you can make your own.


9. I Love Love Love these Spoon Rings! I need to make me one ASAP!

10. Who doesn’t love these beautiful Glass Photo Necklaces? You could use any picture you want.


11. Re purpose your old belts and make some beautiful Leather Cuffs.


12. I have seen these Barefoot Sandals and think they are so fun. Great for a beach wedding.



14. My little girl would love to help make these Washer Necklaces. She loves to dress up and these would be perfect for her, easy and inexpensive.


15. These Wire Wrapped Rings are simple to make, fun for girls of all ages to do.

Who knew that making your own jewelry could be so easy? Which one are you thinking of making?


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